Cuvée O.Khayyam 2015 – Château l’Escart


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Château l’Escart – Cuvée O.Khayyam 2015 – Bordeaux Supérieur Biodynamic

Wonderful blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Petit Verdot.

The traditional agricultural heritage as passion, authentic wines that drink with heart and spirit, the Château l’Escart will meet these promises. Admirably located at the gates of Bordeaux on a soil Argilo-Limestone finely gravelly. The vineyard of 37 hectares in one piece has vines aged on average 43 years.

“The philosophy of biodynamics also continues in the cellar. Alcoholic fermentation occurs naturally under the action of grape yeasts. The clarification is done only by racking without sticking or filtration which often come to denature the wine. We keep all that the fruit has given us to make a natural and emotional wine. For us, working in biodynamics is therefore primarily to feel and observe our vineyard as closely as possible to develop our wine in the image of its terroir.”


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