Cuvée 1860 vintage 2016 – Saint Georges d’Ibry – Côtes de Thongue


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Wine Artisan in Languedoc

Cuvée 1860 réserve 2015 – Côtes de Thongue (Abeilhan – Herault).

95% Syrah and a hint of Cabernet Franc. Gastronomic cuvée aged in barrels for 12 months. This wine combines power, elegance and aromatic richness.

Deep red colour, with dark purplish tints.
The most seductive aromatic power and richness, with red fruits notes, sweet vanilla and roasting notes acquired during ageing in barrels.
Silky, complex and velvety on the palate, the palate discovers a beautiful material that has succeeded in making a successful alliance with the oak barrel.
Sweetness and persistence, elegant and distinguished, complete the tasting of this cuvée.


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