Mas del Périé (Fabien Jouves) – Haute Côt(e) de Fruit 2018


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Very very natural, only for natural experimented wine lovers

100% Malbec

As a preamble, know that in Haute Côt(e) de Fruit there is a play on words. This one comes from the fact that the Côt is the other name of Malbec, rather on the Loire side, and that precisely this cuvee of Fabien Jouves is a 100% Malbec and therefore a 100% Côt.

This Haute Côt(e) de Fruit is no exception to Fabien’s rule of creation: Juicy, gourmet and gourmet Cahors.

A fragrant juice with aromas of red berries, such as raspberry and cherry, richness, freshness and silky tannins.

A real wine of fruity and deep thirst.

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